The Italian Association for the European Council of Municipalities and Regions (AICCRE), based in Rome, is a national association that brings together Regions, Municipalities, Provinces and other elected representatives of Local communities in a unified way. They are linked in their commitment to work for the construction of an authentically federal Europe founded on the full recognition, strengthening and enhancement of regional and local autonomy. It is a non-profit organisation.

AICCRE is the second most important Italian association representing local and regional governments. It has more than 2,000 members and 20 regional sections and all levels of local government are represented: regions, provinces and municipalities.

AICCRE is part of the CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) which is the oldest and most extensive European association of local and regional governments. Since its creation, in 1951, it has promoted the construction of a united, peaceful and democratic Europe, based on local self-government, respecting the principles of solidarity and citizen participation.

The CEMR hosts the European section of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), a global organization of local and regional governments representing Local Authorities in the debate on international policies. (


The thematic areas of work which AICCRE is involved in (both at a national and regional level) reflect the mission of the CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) and cover all aspects of life of European citizens and local and regional authorities that represent them:

  • Government, democracy and citizenship
  • Environment, climate and energy
  • International commitment and cooperation
  • Economic, social and territorial cohesion


For all information, consult the AICCRE website

The VENETA FEDERATION OF AICCRE is one of the 20 regional sections. It has about 140 members, consisting of local government bodies. The offices are located on the island of San Servolo, in Venice.

The specific responsibilities of the Veneto Federation of AICCRE concern the design and management of European projects. Together with the Venice International University, it promotes an official course in European planning and financial management of projects.

Currently, the Veneto Federation of AICCRE is engaged in the implementation of European projects related to sustainability issues, international commitment and social and territorial cohesion.