AMELIA event in Trebbo di Reno, Castel Maggiore (BO) – Italy

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Program Activities promoted on the 24th September:

    1. Historical medieval fencing lesson to develop this sport for a wider arena. Bringing people closer to the sport of fencing to develop motor skills, but also coordination and precision.
    2. Tables with role-playing games that are based on healthy lifestyle and sport activities at any age.
    3. Open lesson and Frisbee tournament. A special focus on sports for people with disabilities. The team of disabled children will also be present as well as a representation of the children who will participate in the world championships.
    4. Fighting fencing and lightsaber: how sports and tv saga can be linked together to promote sport.
    5. Fantasy-themed creative workshop by the Birba stationery shop in Trebbo di Reno that mix play and run open air.
    6. Dance performances by the Dance School «Progetto Danza» to promote dance for all.
    7. Start-up session of the Orienteering sport discipline and an Orienteering run competition in the Park.
    8. Women’s Football by Progresso Calico, a demonstration on how women can be leader in some sport field as soccer. An opportunity to try to play soccer with champions to promote gender equality in sport activities.
  1. Approach games to ethological horse riding, role play and theatrical improvisation. The importance of equestrian sport for health. The value of pet therapy. The promotion of horse riding through sagas that attract both young and adults.
  2. Bicycle ride organized by the Pedalalenta Association. In the Emilia-Romagna tradition, cycling is a competitive sport, but also one of personal and educational growth. A cycling route has been set up in the Trebbo Park.
  3. Walk in the park. Running associations will invite those present to join walks and runs dedicated to all ages, both amateur and competitive. A path dedicated to runners has been set up in the Park.



Evening program of the Arena Area:

  • 16.00/17.00 Elisa Zanchetta presents Kalevala. Tolkien and Finnish mythology
  • 17.00/17.50 Bilingual fantasy readings in English and Italian
  • 17.55/18.30 Read Read reading for children about dragons
  • 18.30/19.00 Presentation, return and project naming + Ribbon cutting by the Mayor
  • 19.00/20.00 Nicola Lucchi presents Daniel Ghost and wandering souls
  • 20.00/20.30 Meeting with the author Saguatti
  • 20.45/21.30 Harry Potter family and children’s show