AICCRE VENICE also works in coordination with National, European and international institutions for issues concerning local and regional authorities. AICCRE VENICE pursues the following aims: a) represents and sponsors the local and territorial bodies of the Veneto in European and international fora; b) coordinates and contributes at regional level to documents and actions promoted by the relevant European and world sections; c) encourages and guarantees the political and technical training of administrators and officials of the public administration; d) prepares political and technical proposals on international issues; e) guarantees services in the field of euro-planning; f) organize international events and activities; g) promotes, participates in and coordinates international projects; h) develops study and research activities linked to international training.

AICCRE VENICE is inspired, as a federation of AICCRE, by the federalist principles of the Manifesto for a free and united Europe (Manifesto of Ventotene, 1944) and by those contained in the European Convention of of man and fundamental freedoms (1950), in the European Charter of Local Self-Government (1985) of the Council of Europe, in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000). AICCRE VENICE promotes the adoption of the European Charter for the equality of women and men in local life (2006) of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, as well as the principles enshrined in treaties and agreements of the same nature.

AICCRE VENICE undertakes and promotes initiatives: for the development of European culture and for the construction of institutional democracy and the political unity of Europe in a federal form, on the basis of the principles of proximity, subsidiarity and interdependence; for peace, collaboration, solidarity and fraternity among peoples, also for the purpose of harmonious relations between nations, ethnic groups and religions; for the realization of equal dignity and equal opportunities among people, with particular reference to gender equality; for the pursuit of economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union and in the world; for decentralized development cooperation; to promote the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals; to promote local development at an international level also through initiatives and projects.

AICCRE VENICE carry out studies and research on regional and local autonomies, in local, regional, national and European contexts, in order to contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of the system of regional and local authorities, through the affirmation and practice of the principle of subsidiarity, and to the growth of its role in the European supranational bodies; adopts and promotes mutual understanding initiatives, meetings, exchanges of experience and twinning between the regional and local authorities of the countries of the European Union and between these and non-EU countries, with particular reference to the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Balkans; carries out service activities to associated subjects in their relations with the Government and State administrations, in relation to European problems, and with European institutions and organisations; carries out on its own and supports the implementation, by the regional and local authorities and their unions and associations, of projects also based on forms of European partnership, within the framework of programs and initiatives of the European Union and of the Council of 'Europe; participates in national, European and international projects consistent with the association's statutory purposes; organizes and manages information and training activities for administrators and staff of regional and local authorities, as well as operators and professionals who express a vocation to support them, on European and international issues; organizes and manages training on internationalization and community planning of regional and local autonomies; to carry out the activities referred to in the preceding points, promotes and stipulates cooperation and partnership agreements with universities, training and research institutions, as well as third sector organisations; for the realization of the initiatives in the previous points, it can promote and enter into agreements with public and/or private entities wishing to support the activities of AICCRE VENICE in any form.